Head’s Corner

In the name of God

Since more than 50 years ago, Mashhad School of Dentistry is a forerunner and leader in Iranian dentistry. Department of Root Canal Therapy was initially established jointly with Restoration Department (and titled Department of Restoration and Endodontics) under the supervision of a co-founder of the School, the eminent professor, Dr. Esmail Sondouzi.

Later, it was separated as Department of Endodontics and has since made its best efforts to train thousands of dentistry graduates and more than 100 root canal therapists, in addition to fruitful research efforts toward promoting the science of endodontics in Iran and the world.

We have set advancement of education in the field of endodontics, and fostering efficient, applied research and knowledge production with international standards as our goal, and hope we can not only maintain the educational and research position of the Department in Mashhad School of Dentistry as well as among endodontics departments of other schools in Iran, but also further promote it in the future, based on what we have learnt from teachers and the pioneers, and with the aid of our hard-working colleagues.

This may be achieved only through the endeavor, sympathy and scientific efforts of all members of the Department and effective operational planning, as well as spiritual and material support from School’s and University’s management.

In the hope of that day

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