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History of the Department

Department of Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics) was formed concurrent with establishment of Mashhad School of Dentistry in 1344 (1965). Under the supervision of Dr. Esmail Sondouzi, a co-founder of the School, it started working jointly with Filling (Restoration) Department and the two were named Department of Filling and Endodontics.

After him, Dr. Samimi was selected as Head of the Department, with Dr. Monsef and Dr. Reza Moeini being her first colleagues. Later Dr. Mahdi Monsef and Dr. Reza Kazemi were appointed to that position.

Dr. Mir Abdollah Salouti, one of the first graduates of the School, returned to Iran in 1981 after receiving his endodontics specialty degree in the USA under supervision of a prominent scholar of the time, Dr. Samuel Seltzer, and in the same year the Specialty Endodontics Program was set up by him and Dr. Monsef and approved by Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

In fact, the Endodontics Department began to accept 3 to 5 specialty residents each year right after becoming independent, with technical supervision of Dr. Monsef and administration of Dr. Salouti.

The first of these residents were Dr. Akbar Fallah Rastegar and Dr. Pari Ghaziani.

After retirement of Dr. Salouti and Dr. Monsef, others such as Dr. Akbar Fallah, Dr. Pari Ghaziani, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Zarrabi and Dr. Reza Dr. Disfani administered the Department which annually trained more than 100 dentistry students and 12 specialty residents.

Professors emerita of the Department include Dr. Salouti, Dr. Monsef, Dr. Fallah, Dr. Ghaziani, Dr. Zarrabi, Dr. Talati, and most recently Dr. Bidar.

It should be noted that Mashhad Endodontics Department has been one of the leading in Iran and has trained many dentists and root canal therapists from all around our country,

with a large number of endodontsts at various Iranian universities (in Tehran, Shahid Beheshti, Isfahan, Tabriz, Ahvaz, Zahedan, Rafsanjan, Hamedan, Qazvin, Babol, Kerman, Sari, Gorgan and Rasht universities, for example) being its alumni, each providing valuable services toward improving national dentistry knowledge and oral and dental health of the society.


About Department of Endodontics

The Endodontics Department of Mashhad School of Dentistry consists of two parts: General, with a capacity of 15 students in each session; and Specialized, which usually accepts 4 students annually and has such equipment as microscopy, Apex finder, rotary electro-motors, PSP radiography system, and injectable obturation system; and periapical surgeries are performed each week.

Currently, Dr. Saeed Moradi, Dr. Maryam Zarei, and Dr. Maryam Javidi are Head, Deputy Head, and Technical Supervisor of the Department, respectively. The 11 faculty members include Dr. Ghoddusi, Dr. Disfani, Dr. Javidi, Dr. Zarei, Dr. Jafarzadeh, Dr. Gharechahi, Dr. Forghani, Dr. Rouhani, Dr. Naghavi and Dr. Moushekhian, of which 4 are professors, 2 associate professors and 5 assistant professors. And 12 specialty residents are also being trained.



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